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An executive overview of MAPPS

MAPPS is a unique, cloud-based set of tools designed to create financial content in concise, engaging, dynamic VideoInfographic formats that can be rapidly broadcast to any client device, including a smartphone.

Simple to use, MAPPS eliminates the need for traditionally expensive video production facilities and techniques, enabling high quality VideoInfographic content to be created at a fraction of the traditional cost.

With video delivery of financial concepts now more important than ever, you can choose us to Outsource your VideoInfographic content, or, via our MAPPS Licensing option you can also create your own. This latter option empowers the key client touch points in your business – e.g. Analysts, Wealth Managers, Fund Managers, Marketing – to create their own VideoInfographic content and broadcast it to clients.

With research showing the average human attention span is now less than that of goldfish, these days 90 seconds is all the time you have to get your video message across. With MAPPS, you can deliver financial content in punchy, concise formats that are quick and easy for clients to assimilate and understand.

But, enough ‘words’! Take a look at these VideoInfographics summarising our vision for client engagement, whether using MAPPS to create your own dynamic content, or ‘outsourcing’ the task to us instead.

Social Media Strategy

Digitalising Client Touch Points