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  1. You open an account
  2. Provide branding details. Logo, image header, headshot and color scheme.
  3. Rebrand the Demo Video and approve
  4. Buy Tokens
  5. Choose a video and buy the license for it
  6. Record the Audio
  7. Rebrand, produce and download


  1. Provide us with your content in standard format
  2. Provide branding requirements, logo, image header, color scheme etc.
  3. Provide any proprietary / special data in an Excel format
  4. We prepare a playbook story board or first run video for your review
  5. Interaction leads to a final video production
  6. If required we can reproduce with personalized audio tracks

 D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)

  1. You acquire a license and login to MAPPS Studio
  2. You provide all your branding specifications
  3. You receive training and help as required

Optional Hosting Setup

We can organize hosting and the production of a straightforward URL plus end of video clickable calls to action as you require.