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About Us

Financial Media Solutions AG (FMS) is a communications technology business focused specifically on developing tools for delivering financial content in dynamic, engaging, formats which clients can view from any device, especially smartphones.

FMS owner and CEO, Ian Park, has a 30+ year track record in financial markets, providing technical analysis consultancy to many of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions. It was this experience – and a fascination for how financial content is presented – which led him to look at digital solutions for better engaging clients in analytics and financial content.

The result of this interest was MAPPS – Market Analysis Production & Publishing Solution – a ‘cloud based’ tool for creating and broadcasting VideoInfographic content. First commissioned in 2011 the tool was tested extensively for 2 years at www.marketvisiontv.com – a ‘paid for’ analytics platform with global client base.

The test demonstrated MAPPS was easy to integrate into a busy working environment. It also proved clients – especially mobile users – really appreciated the concise, dynamic content and showed the potential of using MAPPS in client acquisition, retention and social media strategies.

From our offices in Zug, Switzerland and Princeton, USA, we offer banking and financial services clients a choice to create VideoInfographics for themselves – through our Licensing option – or to ‘Outsource’ their dynamic content needs to us.

What our clients think

“The MAPPS-Video team is exceptional in the way they crystalize key elements of a financial report and bring these together to create a punchy VideoInfographic. Our clients genuinely appreciate the concise, dynamic content we now offer and as such our acquisition and engagement metrics are improving nicely – and at lower cost.”

Bertrand Bricheux, Global Head of Sales and Marketing – Mirabaud Asset Management

“We realised some time ago that static documents are not the best way to engage clients over the internet – especially on a mobile device. We chose MAPPS-Video as the solution because it is highly effective in communicating important information visually and efficiently through dynamic, high quality VideoInfographics. Clients can now view our content directly from their smartphone, in the digestible ‘bite size’ formats they prefer. The MAPPS-Video team’s experience and support has been highly valuable when working with us to improve the quality of the materials.”

Fredrick Kermisch, Senior Marketing Officer – Mirabaud Asset Management

“MAPPS is a great engagement tool. More than 50% of our client base re-connected with us after our first VideoInfographic broadcast. Previously, our traditional monthly newsletter and market report were receiving a paltry response, meaning on average less than 1% of clients were engaging with our content.”

Rudi Brunner, CEO & Partner – Brunner, Lanni & Partner Investment Management