VideoInfographic options to suit your business

You probably know your content strategy should include VideoInfographics, but, believe it difficult and expensive to make this happen. Our alternative access options make VideoInfographics easier and cheaper than you think.

So, depending on your business needs, here are the MAPPS access options we make available:

MAPPS - Outsourced/Managed Option

If your communication need is limited to sending clients a few messages per month and you don’t have time to commit resources to ‘creating content’, why not consider outsourcing the whole process to us? Our team of experienced financial professionals, is well versed in markets and knows how to translate your message into concise, compelling VideoInfographic content.

Due to the simplicity and unique benefits of MAPPS, we’re able to manage rapid turnaround times, even when content requires personalisation, e.g. including audio elements from a key client touch point in the business.

MAPPS – ‘Do it Yourself’ Licensing Option

If you already see the demand for dynamic VideoInfographic content growing across your business, you should consider licensing MAPPS to produce your own ‘Do it Yourself’ Videographics.

With a simple interface MAPPS is an easy tool to use, meaning the key client touch points in your business can learn within hours – not days – how to create their own VideoInfographic content, as part of a normal daily workflow.

Through our licensing option, we offer MAPPS at competitive monthly fees so that institutions with medium/large dynamic content requirements can create high quality VideoInfographics at a fraction of the cost of producing a traditional video.

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