Engage clients with compelling financial VideoInfographics

In a digital age, with mobile device usage growing - and attention spans declining - a key issue for all financial marketers is how to make dynamic content more effective in engaging clients.

With acquisition and retention costs spiralling, you need to increase the odds your content is not just seen, but also that it compels clients to follow the recommendations and "calls to action" your business makes.

The solution is MAPPS, a unique tool enabling financial content to be created in dynamic VideoInfographic formats which clients’ find easy to digest and really engages them in the short time you have to get a message across.

MAPPS – more engaging content

If you think a ‘talking heads’ video is the answer to providing dynamic video content, think again. These days 90 seconds is all the time you have to get a video message across before clients ‘tune out’. By combining dynamic Infographics with a perfectly synchronised audio commentary, MAPPS enables you to rapidly ‘picture message’ financial content in digestable formats which clients can easily digest, even whilst on the go.

MAPPS – acquiring and engaging clients anywhere

Client conversations are not limited to your portal activity. Today, content can be pushed to the client’s mobile device, as well. MAPPS makes it easy to acquire and engage clients with actionable video content delivered direct to any device, including their smartphone.

MAPPS - engaging the bottom line

Compelling, financial content is more likely to be acted upon. Making MAPPS a part of your delivery strategy offers greater commercial benefits than simply cost savings: it opens the door to increased client buy-in, client management benefits and improved client dialogue opportunities; all of which help to reduce acquisiton and retention costs and support your bottom line.

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