The Benefits of MAPPS

The arguments for financial institutions to adopt MAPPS are compelling, whether looked at from the clients, the user or, purely a commercial perspective.

The Client's Perspective

These days, clients want to stay informed, wherever they are and from whichever device they have available at the time. Adding MAPPS’ VideoInfographics to your Apps makes this possible due to these benefits:

  • Optimised viewing: MAPPS-generated content is optimised so clients can view dynamic VideoInfographics from any device, delivering unrivalled HD screen quality even when viewed from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Better assimilation of financial content: MAPPS VideoInfographics encourage better retention of financial content compared to when delivered via a ‘talking head’ or as a .pdf. This is because people recall 80% of what they see and hear, as opposed to just 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they only see.
  • Multichannel formats: At the click of a button MAPPS can broadcast VideoInfographic content to the Internet, Intranet, and Social Media platforms, meaning clients can access your content from the place they wish to receive it.
  • Express delivery: When delivery lead time is of the essence, MAPPS enables clients to receive content and analysis updates in minutes – not the hours, or, even days that used to be the case.

With demand for dynamic content influencing client communication strategies in future, our 2 pronged user approach – Outsourced/Managed Option and Licensed Option - enable institutions to embrace these changes at a comfortably suitable pace, due to benefits such as these:

Outsourced/Managed Option:

If you need dynamic content, but, feel your business is not ready to create VideoInfographics for itself, let us do this for you. The key benefits are:

  • Professional production: Our team consists of experienced financial professionals, well versed in markets and with the know-how to translate your messages into concise, compelling VideoInfographic broadcasts.
  • Simple briefing process: Just provide an outline of your client message, the data points you use to support the story - and we’ll do the rest.
  • Personal touch: MAPPS make it simple to add audio commentary to any VideoInfographic, giving it a personal touch from you, to clients.
  • Rapid turnaround: MAPPS is a simple, quick tool to use and so if required, we’re able to offer rapid turnaround times on VideoInfographic content.

Licensed Option:

Looking into the future we believe the real benefits will come to those institutions creating VideoInfographic content for themselves. MAPPS makes this a reality due to these benefits:

  • Intuitive interface: MAPPS makes it simple for anyone to create concise, easily digestible broadcasts. That’s because the tool offers an intuitive interface that fits VideoInfographics production neatly into your users’ normal daily workflow.
  • Stress free broadcasts: Few people are truly comfortable in front of a camera. MAPPS makes it easy for your ‘key client touch points’ to produce high quality VideoInfographic content, without the stress and headaches associated of working in a studio environment.
  • Rapid production & publishing: MAPPS enables your business to rapidly create and publish high quality video content. NB. Around 40-45 minutes is all it takes to produce a 90 second video graphic broadcast - an important benefit in fast moving markets when content often has a short shelf life.
  • Cloud-based flexibility: Users have the flexibility to begin a VideoInfographic at home, develop their thoughts on the train and to publish the final video from the office.
  • Technical & fundamental applications: Most financial institutions deliver a mix of ‘technical and fundamental’ content. The MAPPS VideoInfographics tool kit enables your ‘touch points’ to deliver content of either discipline in concise, digestible formats for clients.
  • Fully customisable: MAPPS comes with a ‘standard suite’ of graphic templates. The tool can also be customised to feature all the other specific graphic elements you wish to include.
  • Easy to learn: Most people able to use a terminal, e.g. Bloomberg, normally require just 2-3 hours training to become fully conversant with MAPPS.

The Commercial Perspective

Despite the growing need to create dynamic video content, few financial institutions wish to spend money on expensive video production in these straitened times. That’s why MAPPS makes financial sense, thanks to benefits like these:

  • Virtual video production: Conventional video production requires extensive - and expensive - 3rd party help, and a lot of people involvement too. MAPPS eliminates this by incorporating Videoinfographic production and instant publishing into the ‘users’ normal daily workflow, meaning significantly lower video content production costs.
  • Limited IT involvement: Following set up, because MAPPS sits in the cloud there is very limited need for any additional IT involvement, or maintenance.
  • Increased Client 'Buy-in': Research indicates VideoInfographics significantly enhance the marketing impact of financial content/analysis, meaning higher levels of interest and participation in investment concepts and reduced client acquisition and retention costs.
  • Dynamic Branding: The flexibility of MAPPS offers dynamic opportunities for institutions to softly brand video content; at the beginning, during and also at the end of broadcasts.